Saturday, September 5, 2009

Death be not proud!

Yes, Death has been busy. All one has to do is sample titles in the
inventory of Powell's Books.

We learn that Grim Reaper can be fickle. Death is Compulsive, but
also Late to Lunch. We read that Death Never Takes a Holiday but the

next thing we learn is that Death Goes On a Holiday, Crosses the
Border, Rides a Carousel and hangs out In a Beach Chair.

Death Is No Sportsman, and yet Death Rides Tandem and
Death Rides the Surf

Sometimes Death loses it. Death Flips Its Lid, Death Is Belligerent
and Death Cries in the Street. However it's also said that
Death Never Weeps

Beware if you are pleasingly plump because Death Comes for the Fat
Man. You can hide at your private club but Death Is a Member.
Climbing a mountain won't save you . . . Death Finds a Foothold.
Death Lurks in the Bush, Death Knocks Twice (do not confuse Death
with the Postman), Death Moves In and the next thing you know, Death
Lives Next Door. Death Interferes, damn it.

What kind of a love life does Death have? It's not a subject that
arises in polite conversation. Let's say Death comes on a bit strong.
Death Stalks the Fleet. Then Death Drops the Pilot, Death Turns a
Trick, Death goes to the doctor and Meets 400 Rabbits and
soon Death
[is] in a Family Way. All is not lost, however, as
Death Points a
Finger, Death Comes for the Archbishop and
Death Takes a Honeymoon

Time passes and love wanes. Death Plays Solitaire and Death Dines In.
Death is Called to the Bar and presumably loses her case. Rebounding,
Death Takes Up a Collection, Tidies Up, Wears A Fabulous New
Fragrance, A Red Hat and Gloves. Then Death Takes the Stage
and Death
Takes a Bow.

Finally, Death Takes a Sabbatical . . . but not for long; everyone
knows that Death Shall Overcome.

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