Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some See Haitian Disaster As An Opportunity

Haiti needs help. There's no question about it. However Haiti has needed help for years and the US, among others, has been sending money and empty promises - effectively pouring money into a pot with a big hole in its bottom.

Now, among the hoopla of how we are "rescuing" Haitians, comes the looting of a country of its children. The following blog expresses my feelings on the matter in a way that requires no further comment. I'm not saying that these people don't have good intentions, but it's obvious that "their" pain is more important than that of citizens of Haiti and their own considerable losses:

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Unexplicable: the media's focus on well-to-do white couples hysterically snapping up Haitian orphans in a veritable baby fever as though they are entitled to them, waxing weepy and indignant that "their" children are being withheld because of the difficulties presented by dealing with a national disaster. Ugh.

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