Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Really Got Me

Some of my recent blogs have been sort of depressing since that's how I tend to feel whenever I watch or listen to national news lately. In order to counteract the blues, I wanted to include some lighter stuff.

When NPR aired a bit about Ray Davies of the Kinks, there was apparently a lot of complaints about how the host mispronounced his name. Fact is, they didn't. I've always thought that Davies was pronounced "DAY-VEES" but here's the final word from an earlier interview broadcast on NPR:

MELISSA BLOCK: Can you say your name for me? Pronounce your name for me.

Mr. RAY DAVIES (Musician): Ray.

BLOCK: And how about the last name?

Mr. DAVIES: Oh, well, that. That's Davis. I think over here the tendency is to say Davies. Davis is not quite right. So, think of it with a zed at the end, Z.

BLOCK: Daviz.

Mr. DAVIES: Daviz, yeah. But keep it kind of muted.

BLOCK: Ah, okay. Daviz.

Mr. DAVIES: And two, three, four...

BLOCK: Daviz.

Mr. DAVIES: I'd say you got it.

(Soundbite of laughter)

NORRIS: Well, there you have it from the horse's mouth: Daviz it is.


We learn something new every day - sometimes big, sometimes small and what we always thought we knew for a fact . . . isn't, always.

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