Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Babies

I recently became aware of a series of books published by Harlequin on the curious topic of "Secret Babies." I find peoples' apparent interest in these story lines hilarious. Sometimes Harlequin combines the Secret Baby theme with its other series topics like "Nascar" or "Sheiks" or "Millionaires" or "Mistresses."

Times have changed. The old Harlequin Romances used to be about meeting rich men at ski resorts, getting into the Candy Stripers to snag a doctor or having a falling out with the boy next door. Now the hot guys are into oil, hedge funds or some other sort of high finance.

Some favorite titles spotted:

Lock, Stock & Secret Baby
Secret Baby, Convenient Wife
Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby
The Mediterranean Millionaire's Secret Baby
Motive: Secret Baby
Triplet Secret Babies (!!!)
The Secret Baby Bargain
Innocent Wife, Baby of Shame

I swear, these are real Harlequin titles and you can actually buy them for very few buckerinos. One might ask, HOW can a baby be secret . . . especially triplet secret babies. And how can a wife be innocent and yet have a baby of shame? And do the Secret Sheikh and the Secret Baby know that each other exists?

I may have to actually read one of these things to find out what the attraction is.

And I still might not get it.


Harlequin has posted another blog entry on Secret Babies and the folks who looovvvve them.

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