Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another reason I'm listening less to NPR lately

This afternoon NPR reported that arctic glaciers melting had a bright side. It meant that what was under the glaciers would be more readily accessible and various nations were already queuing up to take advantage of it. Yes, no points for guessing what this all-important "bright side" is. Yet again, it's OIL and NATURAL GAS.

So "chirpy-chirpy" it's OK that the glaciers are melting. It's OK that we've got global warming because, hey, we can now drill the hell out of yet another part of the planet and get more oil to satisfy our growing addiction. NPR pointed out another benefit. Melting ice means that the northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific would soon be open, meaning that China could save several thousand miles shipping its shit around the world.

This is the kind of twist that I used to expect of FOX, but -- sadly -- am hearing more and more of on NPR.

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