Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quality Clothing Is Not To Be Found at Target

Yeah, it's probably not fair to pick on Target. Include WalMart, Fred Meyer or any other store that flogs clothing made by starving people in third world countries chained to a bench and working 24/7 for pennies making cheap shit.

I can't afford to buy new clothing but it doesn't bother me. The stuff available at William Temple House, Goodwill and Value Village includes not only quality vintage clothing made of good material and by no-longer-in-business American manufacturers for less than what I'd pay for Chinese junk.

Again and again, while walking through my neighborhood, I am struck by the plain fact that most of what I see people wearing I would not buy if it were in a $1 . . . or even a "free" box . . . at a roadside garage sale. Yes, there are people tastefully and beautifully dressed but they are in the minority. I suspect that when they realize what a complete and total lack of taste the American public exhibits regarding dress and note its cluelessness regarding what is or is not appropriate, they probably move to Europe, toute de suite.

I see a lot of sagging pants, too-tight tights and leggings on supersized, corn-fed large bottoms and thighs, pajama pants, "Michelin Man" puffy jackets and dreadful cheap fashion boots.

I picture the garage sales of the future where these sad tight pants, ugly down-trodden boots with their useless ornamental buckles and stacked heels, low-rider jeans and the inevitable thongs that accompany them and ridiculous bulgy jackets take the place of Moon Boots, tube tops and Olivia Newton-John inspired leg warmers.

I remember when it was exciting to contemplate a "casual day" at work. Now every day - on every street - is casual day, whether it is appropriate or not.

It's got to the point where the occasional presence of the man who wears nothing but a blue blanket on the Portland Streetcar doesn't even raise an eyebrow.


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